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Steps to Prevent Burglary & Robbery Loss

Be sure to use the right kind of lock on your doors. Under standard burglary insurance policies, evidence of a forced entry is necessary to collect on burglary insurance. Keep keys from falling into the hands of burglars, issue as few keys as possible. Keep a record on the keys you issued. Whenever a key is lost, or an employee leaves the firm without turning in his or her key, re-key your store.

Implement a silent central station burglary alarm system to give your store the best protection. The reason: it does not notify the burglar as does the local alarm - such as a siren or bell - outside the store.

Flood your store with lights. Outdoor lighting is another way to shield the store from burglary. Almost all store break-ins occur at night. Darkness conceals the burglar and gives him or her time to work.

Implement indoor lighting. When a store is lighted inside, police officers can see persons in the store or notice the disorder which burglars usually cause.

Arrange window displays so police patrols can see into the store.

Be sure the safe in which you keep your money and other valuables is strong enough to deter burglars. Store money should be protected in a burglar resistant money chest - as such safes are properly called.

Locate your safe properly. Putting a safe in the back of the store or where it is not visible from the street, invites burglary. Police recommend that the safe be visible to the outside street. Also the safe area should be well lighted all night.

No matter what the safe weighs, bolt it to the building structure.

Leave the "Cupboard Bare." Even when you use a "E" rated burglar resistant money box, it is a good idea to keep on hand the barest minimum of cash. Bank all excess cash each day.

Leave your cash register drawer empty and open at night.

If possible, remove attractive and expensive merchandise from the window at night.

Train to reduce risk. You should let each of your employees know what may happen if a robbery occurs. Train them on how to act during a holdup.

Emphasize the protection of lives as well as money. Warn each person that you want no "heroes." The heroic action by an employee or customer may end as a deadly mistake. The robber is as volatile as a bottle of nitroglycerin. Handle him or her with the same care you would use with any explosive.

Do not build up cash. Cash on hand is the lure that attracts a robber. The best deterrent is to keep as little cash in the store as possible. Another deterrent is camera equipment that photographs robbers.

Make bank deposits daily. During selling hours, check the amount of cash in your register or registers. Remove all excess cash from each register several times a day.

Do not set up cashier operations so that they are visible to outsiders. The sight of money can trigger crime. Balance your register an hour or two before closing - not at closing time. Make it a rule to keep your safe locked even during business hours.

When making bank deposits, you should take a different route to the bank each day and vary the time of the deposit. Obviously, the best time to make deposits is during daylight hours.

You should also vary the routes you travel between the store and your home. Keep your store keys on a separate key ring. At least then, you won't be stranded by the loss of your car and personal keys.

Opening or closing the store is a two-person job. When opening your store, station one person - an employee or your assistant - outside where he or she can observe your actions. You enter the store, check the burglar alarm to be sure it is still properly set, then move around in the store and look for any signs of unwanted callers.

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