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Home Security - How to secure your house while you are on vacation.

Many people do not get to spend quality time with their families, as they prefer to stay back at home since they fear breach of home security while on vacation.

There are several basic things that can help secure your homes, permitting you to take a vacation without worrying about home security issues.

  1. Be sure that all external doors are sturdy with good foolproof locks. Double check if all windows and doors are locked securely.
  2. Check to see if your home security system is fully functional and that any breach in security will trigger an alarm that will be promptly responded too.
  3. Be sure that your security lighting is set. Set a timer to operate your internal lights in a random fashion perhaps switching on a radio or fm to give the impression there is someone home. The timer could be set to go on and off in particular rooms just as when you are at home.
  4. Do not forget to lock the garage door before you leave.
  5. If possible stop the delivery of newspaper, mail, etc. till your return or have a neighbor pick them up for you.
  6. Ensure that your garden is taken care of, while you are away; wilting and uncared for pots are a sure giveaway that the house is uncared for. You can use a sprinkler set on a timer to do the job.
  7. Have a word with your neighbor to look out for any trouble and give them your contact number in case of emergencies.

For sure, we always feel safer to leave a house with a good home security system installed. If you don’t have an adequate home security system, get one a few weeks prior to your trip to be able to learn how to program and operate it without any hitches. A reputed, reliable firm with good after sales service will be an ideal choice. Do comparison-shopping and do get quotes from different vendors and choose one who offers the best quality within your budget. Good systems will be an added advantage as insurance can be got at a discount on account of the home security system.

Be sure that your home is secure while you are away and enjoy your vacation without the stress of a vulnerable house. And do not hesitate to communicate with us at 819.561.9100 for more information regarding our excellent security systems.

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