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Burglars Beware!

Have you ever thought that your alarm system might not always protect you from a burglar? Accordingly, you should think of ways to upgrade your alarm system so that a burglar who is intent on burglarizing your home does not surprise you in the process.

Even if you own the most sophisticated alarm system, it will not stop a burglar from breaking a window or door to get in. The following are tips you should apply to further convince a burglar not to unlawfully enter your property:

  1. The basement windows are the most accessible, therefore you should install security bars or anti-intrusion windows.
  2. The garage also being easily accessible. The entry door from your garage should be as solid as the exterior door.
  3. If you keep a ladder outside of your home, make sure it is on a special support and securely fastened with a padlock. A burglar can easily enter your property by removing roof tiles.
  4. Safely secure all your gardening tools away from the reach of a burglar.
  5. Use an automatic timer for your indoor lights and leave music on inside.
  6. If possible, leave a car parked in your driveway.
  7. The volume of ring of your telephone should be on "low". Do not leave a message on your voice mail saying that you are away.
  8. Leave the lights on outside that properly light up all entrances to your property.
  9. Do not hide keys outside your property that could easily be located (in a flower pot, door jamb or under a rug).
  10. Install motion detection lights.


You are now well informed to ensure that your property is a safe place to be, even when you are there.

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