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Swimming pool season start, plan ahead!

The idea of ​​an outdoor pool may make you shiver today, but it is indeed the time to be interested if you have one or if it is part of your plans.

The design of this little piece of pleasure has several components . Besides the aesthetic design, the size, the surrounding plantations and the famous compulsory closing absolutely think an alarm system .

Unfortunately, this is because oversights and mistakes happen too often that a fence is not enough if you have young children or pets . You will need to take the time to find Magaziner an alarm system which corresponds best to your family and layout of your land.

There are, among others, two reliable systems that might interest you :

- The infrared barrier , which can double a garden fence (or gate leading directly to the water's edge) is in the form of 4, 3 ​​or 2 terminals linked by infrared rays. A loud siren sounds if the spokes are crossed.

- The fall detector that captures the acoustic wave generated by the fall of a body in the pool. The system is deactivated when swimming but can resume its monitoring after the programmed time of 1, 2 , 4 or 8 minutes when the pool water is calm again (more surface wave or deep) . The ensemble has been very serious tests demonstrating the infallibility of the system.

Note that several options available to you , such as the keyboard sound which lets you hear the doors of your house open. Our professionals can help you make the best choice . Remember to consult our specialists without delay to prepare a great summer with peace of mind.

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