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Is your alarm system moving with you?

Spring is the typical season to buy a new home or a chalet and have to organize a move. Obviously, you care about the security of your belongings so keep the following in mind before taking away your alarm system with you:

A move can last more than one day. In the meantime, furniture, appliances, and boxes of personal stuff are dispatched in two or more places, the place(s) of origin and the place of destination. These places, even empty, have to be protected against theft, fire, gas leakage, etc.

Do not cancel your security contract too early. If you sell a house and something happens there before the new residents’ arrival, the least you will experience are frustrating discussions and waste of time. At worse, you could face legal issues. Therefore, make sure you advise the new owners or agency in charge of the exact date of your departure and/or contract interruption so they can take over.

At your new home, have an alarm system installed as soon as it is under your responsibility. In some cases, it means several days or weeks before the actual moving date.

Remember that during a move there can be some confusion. A number of unknown people, from the movers, the painters, the new neighbours to the pizza guys, etc. will come and go. Everything you own will be exposed, everything that you’ll have delivered (like new appliances) will be easily noticed. Caution is advised.

In the end, it is better to temporarily subscribe for two security services than loose big!


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