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Steps to Prevent Shoplifting

Train your employees to be alert to the shoplifters early warning signals. They should be on the lookout for concealment devices such as: bulky packages, pocketbooks, baby carriages, shopping bags, umbrellas, and newspapers.

Watch for shoppers who are walking with short unnatural steps, lingering in one area, loitering near stock rooms or other restricted areas, wandering aimlessly through the store, or customers who continuously shop during hours when staff is low. Also, be aware of customers who are making eye contact with you. If a customer is watching where you and other employees are in the store, he or she is likely up to something.

Plan the store layout with deterrence in mind. Maintain adequate lighting in all areas of the store, keep end displays low for better visibility. Keep small items of high value behind the counter or in a locked case with a sales clerk on duty. Also attach noise alarms to unlocked exits, and close/block off unused checkout aisles.

Use protective personal and equipment. Uniformed guards are powerful visual deterrents to the shoplifter. Devices that can be used are: two-way mirrors, peep holes, closed circuit television, etc.

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