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Be aware of breaking in entry

Nearly one in three burglaries targets businesses.
The advice which follows may help you to prevent financial losses and problems caused by breaking and entering.

Time is the major concern of criminals.
Time to:

- Break into your business;
- Steal your assets and merchandise;
- Locate exit routes to flee.

You have to render the target difficult to attain, thus you should therefore see to it that thieves require the most time possible to enter, steal and leave with their loot. Think of what you could do to render your merchandise and equipment difficult to access:

- Do not leave articles of value in the window or near the door when the store is closed. Remove them and store them in a secure location.
- Provide locking display counters or even devices with grills, in which you will be able to display valuable merchandise.
- Ensure that the customers do not see inside your shop storage area. Post signs on the door indicating that access is prohibited.
- Follow the inventory of your merchandise and equipment.
- If possible, equip yourself with a safe to store your daily receipts, chequebooks, precious objects and credit card devices.
- Ask your local police about engraving your most important equipment.

Install a good security alarm system

Do business with a reliable and recognized company who will be able to advise you in your choice. Here is a description of the most current security systems:

It is recommended that a system which is connected with an electronic surveillance centre be installed. This alarm system transmits a signal to an operator who verifies the legitimacy of the alarm and communicates, if need be, with the police at once. It is also recommended to install an emergency button under the counter, which will activate a silent alarm which will only alert the electronic surveillance centre, without the thief or aggressor noticing.

This system consists of monitors and video cameras. Monitors installed in plain sight dissuade thieves. Images must be of quality and preferably have the date and time inserted. Place cameras and monitors in well lit locations (cash register, entrance door, warehouse). Remove boxes or objects which could block the cameras' field of vision. If possible, choose digital equipment; in addition to producing a better quality image, they improve the management of the video sequences.

This system allows you to supervise the goings and comings by defining the areas, hours and days during which access is authorized. A card inserted in a reader identifies the user and unlocks the door.

Verify your security systems daily. Do not forget to place stickers and posters in obvious places to indicate that the premises are protected at all times. If you have questions about our products or services contact us today.


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