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Theft and fraud in the workplace

It might seem difficult to imagine your worthy of trust employees stealing from you, commiting a fraud or producing fraudulent documents. However, no one is safe from this deplorable problem. Small and mid-sized businesses (PME) are occasionally more vulnerable to fraud because they frequently have fewer control mechanisms.

To act sooner rather than later, here are some rules for prevention of theft and fraud within the business from the Chambre des notaires du Québec (Professional order of notaries in Quebec).

A good security system is important!
1. Install a video surveillance system in locations where cash or merchandise is handled (warehouse, store, cash drawer, etc.). Make sure you have quality tape in your video recorder. Otherwise, recorded images will make identification of suspects difficult. Digital equipment supplies a clear and precise image.

2. Affix posters and decals. Place them in plain sight at points of access to indicate to everybody that the business is protected by a security system.

3. Have good lighting. To record good images, cameras need light. See that places which are covered by your surveillance cameras are well lit (cash register, entrance door, warehouse, etc.) and remove boxes or other objects which could interfere with their field of vision.

Control access control
4. Combinations, keys and access codes - Never give the combinations for access systems, safe or alarm system or even duplicate keys to anyone other than trusted employees. Change your codes, combinations and locks whenever an employee is terminated or resigns. Avoid leaving your keys within reach of everyone.

5. Duplicate keys - Rigorously control the number of duplicate keys in circulation. Forbid their duplication without your authorization. In a register, record dates and names of persons to whom you have assigned keys, or again, to whom you communicated information concerning combinations which provide access to the safe or to limited access zones.

6. Departure of an employee - When an employee leaves the company without returning his key, change the locks, access codes and combinations (alarm system, safe, etc.).

If you want more information about fraud in your business contact specialists like GMS Securite to know more about the possibilities to secure your commercial belongings. We will find the perfect security systeme for your needs.


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