To report a false alarm, communicate
directly with our monitoring station

(819) 561-7262

9 reasons to link your security system to our monitoring center

  1. 6 times less likely to be victims of assaults unwanted visitors ( thieves, vandals , etc.).
  2. 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, we take care of you, the ones who are dear to you and your property.
  3. In case of alarm , emergency services are contacted immediately (early fire, break-in, use of emergency functions of your security system ) .
  4. You can rest in peace because you know that your security system watches over you with home functions.
  5. At all times, the keyboard of your security system or panic button is only a finger away from emergency services.
  6. Your connection to the central station allows you to know, upon request, the last 128 uses your security system.
  7. Our technicians are able to audit your security system via telephone and thus solve any problems.
  8. Every day your security system receives a signal to check whether the bidirectional communication between the monitoring center and your home is functional.
  9. Only residences whose security system is connected to the central monitoring station may affix the deterrent GMS Security stickers.

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