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Outsmart burglars

Tricks to give burglars a hard time
There are many ways-that we don't always think of - to give burglars a hard time and make them turn around. Here are a few you can add to your list of tips!

1 - The mail slot should not be wide enough for agile fingers to reach the lock . Check its position and if possible, cover the slot and install an outside mailbox. And never leave a spare key in it - that's the first place burglars will look!
2 - Marking valuables is a proven theft deterrent. Your police department can give you free materials and instructions, as well as stickers indicating that your belongings are marked. Burglars tend to avoid marked items, which are rejected by those who deal in stolen goods.
3 - Jewelry is a favorite target of burglars. Yours is probably in a box or dresser drawer. Leave only costume jewelry in these locations, in sufficient quantities to satisfy prying hands. Put your valuables in a less predictable spot. Use your imagination!
4 - High fences seem harder to climb, but they hide anyone able to get over. Choose a chain link or slat fence that gives officers on patrol a clear view of your house.
5 - A buzzer connected to the house can be installed on the fence gate to alert you when someone enters.
6 - Do not display your name on the front door or mailbox. It helps anyone who wants to call to see if you're at home.
7 - To help the police find your home quickly and easily, make sure your address is clearly visible not only on the front of your house but also on the back.
8 - An alarm system is an effective means of prevention. Purchase one at a specialized company that provides installation, a warranty, and regular inspections to make sure it's working properly. Most insurance companies offer a lower premium rate to clients whose homes are equipped with an alarm system linked to a monitoring center. Ask your insurance company or broker.
9 - All your alarm systems must have a backup power source in the event of a power failure.
10 - A magic eye that turns lights on and off according to the degree of darkness is a good investment.
11 - A good guard dog deters burglars by barking. A simple "BEWARE OF DOG" sign can also do the trick.

If your home is broken into

A forced door or window is a warning NOT to enter your home, as burglars may still be inside! Go to a neighbor's and call the police.
If you get home and discover you've been robbed, don't touch anything! Immediately go to a neighbor's and call the police.

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