To report a false alarm, communicate
directly with our monitoring station

(819) 561-7262

Update your contact list


You want to make some changes to your contact list in case of an alarm or if you’re absent for a few weeks and you want to make some a temporary changes, then it’s possible to do so. We will contact you later to confirm the changes.

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  • Fire: Location - firemen - contact list
  • Breaking and entering*: Location - contact list - police
  • Panic: Police - location - contact list

Please initial :
Contact 1
Contact 2
Contact 3
Contact 4
Contact 5
Insurance informations
I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this contract and its annexes. I understand that the above information will be used during an alarm and I confirm it is accurate. I also confirm that people were advised to join and agree to be called. This document is part of the contract monitoring service.
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