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9 reasons to link your security system to our monitoring center

6 times less likely to be victims of assaults unwanted visitors ( thieves, vandals , etc.). 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, we take care of you, the ones who are dear to you and your property...

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The protection of the institutions

Alarm systems are not restricted to private homes or businesses. Especially through cameras, we find them everywhere in banks, governmental offices and institutions. A hospital for instance needs a complete and sophisticated monitoring system for its facilities.

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Theft and fraud in the workplace

It might seem difficult to imagine your worthy of trust employees stealing from you, commiting a fraud or producing fraudulent documents. However, no one is safe from this deplorable problem. Small and mid-sized businesses (PME) are occasionally more vulnerable to fraud because they frequently have fewer control mechanisms.

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Be aware of breaking in entry

You have to render the target difficult to attain, thus you should therefore see to it that thieves require the most time possible to enter, steal and leave with their loot. Think of what you could do to render your merchandise and equipment difficult to access:

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Steps to Prevent Shoplifting

Train your employees to be alert to the shoplifters early warning signals. They should be on the lookout for concealment devices such as: bulky packages, pocketbooks, baby carriages, shopping bags, umbrellas, and newspapers.

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Commercial Products and Services

We service all businesses, retail, office buildings and warehouses. Trust our 24/7 monitoring solutions. You are able to even easily manage entry and exit access for personnel. GMS offers high quality products for commercial use such as: alarm systems, fire detectors, central surveillance cameras, and entry-exit monitoring systems. In addition, GMS Security installs general alert systems for office, industrial and institutional buildings.

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Residential Products and Services

GMS Security mostly focuses on the installation and management of 24/7 central line protection alarm systems. Additionally, GMS sells and installs surveillance cameras via the Internet, door intercom systems and atmosphere friendly music systems.

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Is your alarm system moving with you?

Spring is the typical season to buy a new home or a chalet and have to organize a move. Obviously, you care about the security of your belongings so keep the following in mind before taking away your alarm system with you: A move can last more than one day. In the meantime, furniture, appliances, and boxes of personal stuff are dispatched in two or more places, the place(s) of origin and the place of destination. These places, even empty, have to be protected against theft, fire, gas leakage, etc.

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Swimming pool season start, plan ahead!

The design of this little piece of pleasure has several components . Besides the aesthetic design, the size, the surrounding plantations and the famous compulsory closing absolutely think an alarm system .

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Burglars Beware!

Have you ever thought that your alarm system might not always protect you from a burglar? Accordingly, you should think of ways to upgrade your alarm system so that a burglar who is intent on burglarizing your home does not surprise you in the process.

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Did you know that ...

The City of Gatineau has a regulation concerning residential and commercial alarm systems. Accordingly, Gatineau adopted this regulation to better regulate all alarms and false alarms that may occur. Usually, you must obtain a permit from the City of Gatineau as soon as an alarm system is installed on your property...

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Home Security - How to secure your house while you are on vacation.

Many people do not get to spend quality time with their families, as they prefer to stay back at home since they fear breach of home security while on vacation. here are several basic things that can help secure your homes, permitting you to take a vacation without worrying about home security issues.

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Tips for Burglar-Proofing your Home

Your prevention efforts should therefore focus on these two entry points. In fact, the National Building Code of Canada 1990 states that all outside doors allowing entry to a residence or that connect a garage to a residence must be capable of resisting a forced entry.

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Home Security Systems

Don't buy your home security products on impulse or because of appearances. Take the time to consider the features of many of the alarm systems, equipment and accessories available for your home.

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Steps to Prevent Burglary & Robbery Loss

Be sure to use the right kind of lock on your doors. Under standard burglary insurance policies, evidence of a forced entry is necessary to collect on burglary insurance. Keep keys from falling into the hands of burglars, issue as few keys as possible. Keep a record on the keys you issued. Whenever a key is lost, or an employee leaves the firm without turning in his or her key, re-key your store.

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Burglary Prevention Advice

Your home is your castle...or is it? Are you really safe once you get home and lock your door? In an open society your home should be the sanctuary for you and your family. Your home is the only environment where you have control over who can get close to you or your family. Protecting your home and family from criminal intrusion should be high on your list of priorities.

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Preventing Theft

An owner-manager can lose a great deal of money from theft. Theft takes many forms such as employee embezzlement/pilferage, shoplifting, burglary and robbery loss. Prevention must start with the small merchant. You can use a combination of measures to protect your store. Even though you cannot eliminate theft entirely, you can take positive steps to keep it to a minimum.

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Outsmart burglars

There are many ways-that we don't always think of - to give burglars a hard time and make them turn around. Here are a few you can add to your list of tips!

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