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Bill 16 on the safety of the elderly now requires that residential buildings and housing facilities (independent or persons with reduced autonomy) have a system for calling for help. GMS Security offers a complete solution of state-of-the-art one-way or two-way nurse call systems, including sales and installation of UL-1069 certified systems for hospitals.

A Nurse Call System helps to optimise the quality of intervention and monitoring services. When needed, this system can enable the elderly person to call for help and be located quickly.

The Nurse Call system is mainly used in health care facilities and specialised residences for the elderly. It improves the efficiency of response personnel and enhances the safety of patients and residents.

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As recognized leader in the healthcare solutions, GMS offers nurse calls system, infant protection, wander prevention and communication solution. We provide regional sales and technical support.

Our ambition is to provide leadership and support to these individuals and institutions in selecting and operating the products that best serve them and their patients. We will work with you to recommend and deliver the most appropriate solution on time, and with the full support of the vendors we represent.

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Nurse Call

The comprehensive communication platform connects patients and caregivers for streamlined, patient-centered care

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