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Whether to make an appointment to install a new security system, for maintaining your existing system or simply to update your customer file, our service department will gladly answer your questions. In case of problems with your system, please contact us. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am. to 4:30 pm.

Outside office hours, our technicians are available and are ready to meet your needs. By leaving a detailed message on our voice mail for emergencies, they will be able to contact you within minutes. Tutorial

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I am interested in receiving a quote for the installation and set-up of an alarm system for my house - how does this work?

It is very easy. Simply fill in our online questionnaire. We will then follow up by email with an estimate for your system. The questionnaire is available from the ”Analyze your needs” page.

How long are the contracts for security systems?

In comparison to other security companies, we offer flexibility. You can choose a contract from 36 to 60 months.

With an animal in the house, can I still have a motion detector?

Yes. There are motion detectors made especially for situations such as having animals in the house. These detectors are constructed to identify an animal of less than 40 Kg from a human being.

How much does an alarm system for trespassing cost?

The cost depends on the type of establishment. In order to have a precise price for the alarm system, a GMS representative will be glad to come to your house to determine which security features best suits your household needs. The same process is used for camera surveillance and magnetic identification systems.

How does the surveillance central work?

Operators are at the central 24 hours a day. When an alarm goes off, a signal by telephone is immediately sent to the central itself. A computer program decodes the signal to enable the operators to view all information needed to react to the alarm. The operator in charge then has the duty to quickly communicate the matter to the appropriate people.

I currently have an alarm system installed; can I switch to GMS Security surveillance?

Usually yes, since most of alarm systems are compatible to our surveillance central. Here are verifications to do before transferring:

  1. Did you sign a contract with the current company? If yes, when does it end? If no, we can transfer you easily within a few days.
  2. Often, the alarm system card is locked electronically. If this is the case and we do not have its proper code, we can replace the systems’ card at a very low rate. If this is not the case, we simply need to set up new programming.

I already possess fire detectors in my house, why would I need yours?

The fire detectors we sell send a signal automatically to the surveillance central for immediate attention; whereas regular detectors only make a noise in the house itself. In addition, contrary to regular detectors, our detectors’ batteries are constantly being recharged by our system and therefore will still be effective when there’s an electricity shortage.

Can I be connected to the surveillance central from my cottage even though I do not have a phone there?

Yes, there are many ways to connect to the surveillance central, such as with a cellular transmitter. This transmitter can be installed in our systems and is connected by using the cellular phone network to communicate to our central. Also, certain types of transmitters can be plugged to a dialing tone telephone to enable the reception of phone calls.

When experiencing an electricity shortage, does the alarm system still functions normally?

Yes it does. Our alarm systems possess an emergency battery effective for 24 hours without power. When the power is back in the building, the battery will recharge on its own in case of another power shortage.

Can I arm a motion detector at night?

The majority of alarm systems are developed to be armed while still in the house. When this occurs, the system automatically arms itself to the perimeter in function.