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contact list

You want to make some changes to your contact list in case of an alarm or if you’re absent for a few weeks and you want to make some a temporary changes, then it’s possible to do so. We will contact you later to confirm the changes.

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    Your informations


    Here is the normal procedure in case of alarms

    • Fire: Location - firemen - contact list

    • Breaking and entering*: Location - contact list - police

    • Panic: Police - location - contact list

    *Would you like the police to be called first in the case of a breaking and entering alarm (ex. police - location - contact list) ?

    List of people to contact

    The names of the people, including yourself if necessary, you wish us to call in case of an alarm, their password, which will serve to validate the identification of the person contacted (4-8 characters) and telephone numbers (with area code)

    Contact {{repeater-contact_index}}

    The name of the persons who will have acces to the alarm system (users only), but who won't be to be contacted in case of alarm

    Person {{repeater-personnes_index}}

    Insurance informations

    Terms and conditions

    I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this contract and its annexes. I understand that the above information will be used during an alarm and I confirm it is accurate. I also confirm that people were advised to join and agree to be called. This document is part of the contract monitoring service.