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NOWA® detects leakage, sounds an alarm, shuts off the main water valve and alerts the security system. This quick action considerably reduces the extent of the damage.

The main module and the electric valve are the cornerstone of this water leak detection system. You can build your own personalized system, according to your needs, and add wired or wireless detectors, at any time, even after the installation is complete.



Integrated low temperature detector:

While you are away, the water leak detection system also limits pipe breakage and water leakage during cold weather. A low temperature detector is integrated to the main module allowing the main water valve to automatically shut off as soon as the ambient temperature goes below 5 °C.


NOWA® sounds the alarm:

The NOWA® main module can integrate an unlimited number of wireless water detectors and ring as many as ten different tones in order to identify the different water detectors. It can easily be linked to your alarm system, hence the monitoring center will inform you as soon as it receives the water leakage signal, allowing you to react quickly and take necessary measures.



AQUA-PROTEC, from Inflotrolix, is the only system preventing sewer back-up that is completely automated and reliable. It is equipped with a microelectronic control panel, an inflatable balloon sensor and a retractable pneumatic sealing module. The balloon is equipped with sophisticated sensors intended to detect sewer back-up and seal the pipe.



AQUA-PROTEC to the rescue!

This system detects sewer back-up within a few seconds and activates the inflation of the balloon in order to seal quickly the drainage pipe. An alarm and a display screen notify the occupants. AQUA-PROTEC stays inflated until the sewer back-up is over. Once the situation is back to normal, the balloon deflates automatically and takes back its place until the next back-up.

While not in operation, AQUA-PROTEC does not block the pipe. There is no risk of debris preventing its proper functioning.


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